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Cotter School District was approved for Alternative Method of Instruction Days by the Arkansas Department of Education to be used for school days missed for inclement weather or exceptional circumstances.  

AMI Letter to Parents




1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

     5th Grade Math

     5th Grade Literacy

     5th Grade Science

     5th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade

     6th Grade Math

     6th Grade Science

     6th Grade Literacy

ALE Classes/Angie Wagoner

ALE Grades 3&4

ALE Grades 5&6


Junior High Classes

Christian Beck

Megan Benham

Candy Finegan



     Social Studies

     Life Skills


Nikki Guthrie 6-8

Marty Hall

     7th Grade Science

     8th Grade Science

Jarod Jefferson

     7th Grade

     8th Grade

Robbie Lee

Coach Rains

Cash Reeves

Rebecca Strong

     7th Grade

     8th Grade

Susi Vangilder

     Jr. High Choir

Brent Williams

     7th Grade Social Studies


     US History

     Video Production


Senior High Classes

Megan Benham

Annie Byrd

Anna Cantrell


     Algebra 1

     Math Ready


Jordan Crawford

     Algebra I

     Algebra II

     AP Statistics

     Computer Science

Jeff Crawford



     US History

Joshua Fitzgerald

     World History


Deanna Franks

Nikki Guthrie 9-12

Amanda Hammock

     Composition I/II

     English 10

     English 11

Andrea Kray

LaDonna Mendleski


     Anatomy & Physiology


Ashley Parrish

Susi Vangilder

     Sr. High Choir


Sandra Wilhite

     Transitional Literature

     Critical Reading

     10th Pre-AP

     AP Language

Adam Willis

     Physical Science


     Environmental Science