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152 Lucille St, Cotter AR 72626
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P.O. Box 70, Cotter AR 72626

Gifted & Talented

Cotter Public Schools Gifted and talented coordinator/teacher offers monthly enrichment classes for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The classroom teacher gives weekly enrichment lessons to cultivate students' creativity and critical thinking. Identified students in grades 3-6 receive 150 minutes a week of pull out GT services. During this time, students complete various challenging projects and delve into areas of interest. Students also compete in Chess and Quiz Bowl.

Cotter High School offers a unique experience for all 7-12th grade gifted and talented students. Students in grades 7-8 and 9-12 have the opportunity to take the GT Seminar, which meets daily. In GT Seminar, students are given the choice of a research project, community service project, or a competition. This provides our gifted and talented students with the time to be around one another for academic and social growth. We also offer Quiz Bowl and Chess, which can meet the competitive needs of our high achieving students. All gifted and talented students are differentiated for once a quarter in their content area classes. This differentiation is monitored and documented through our GT Coordinator. Cotter High School also offers Advanced Placement and Concurrent Credit courses.


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Our Mission

Cotter Public Schools will provide all students with the skills necessary to succeed in a diverse, changing, global society.  Opportunities for developing skills in technology, critical thinking, and communication will be available at all grade levels. 

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