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P.O. Box 70, Cotter AR 72626
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152 Lucille St, Cotter AR 72626
High School
181 Mabel St, Cotter AR 72626
P.O. Box 70, Cotter AR 72626

Senior High Classes

Megan Benham Annie Byrd English Days 1-5 English Days 6-10 Lisa Coots GT Days 6-10 Jeff Crawford Psych/Soc AMI Days 1-5 US History AMI Days 1-5 US History AMI Days 6-10 Psychology Days 6-10 AP Government Days 6-10 Jordan Crawford Geometry Days 1-5 Pre-Calculus Days 1-5 AP Calculus Days 1-5 Computer Science Days 1-5 AP Calculas Days 6-10 Computer Science Days 6-10 Geometry Days 6-10 Pre-Calculus Days 6-10 ACT Practice Test 2 ACT Practice Test 3 Marsha Daniel Algebra 1 and Transitional Math AMI Days 1-5 Algebra II AMI Days 1-5 Algebra AMI Days 6-10 Transitional Math AMI Days 6-10 Algebra II AMI Days 6-10 Joshua Fitzgerald World History Days 1-5 Economics Days 1-5 World History Days 6-10 Economics Days 6-10 Deanna Franks AMI Days 1-5 AMI Days 6-10 Nikki Guthrie Math 9-12 AMI Days 1-5 Pre-Algebra 9-12 AMI Days 6-10 Amanda Hammock Composition I/II Days 1-5 English 10 Days 1-5 English 11 Days 1-5 10th Grade English Days 6-10 11th Grade English Days 6-10 Comp II Days 6-10 Andrea Kray Business Ed AMI Days 1-5 Business Ed AMI Days 6-10 LaDonna Mendleski Biology and Pre AP Biology AMI Days 1-5 Anatomy & Physiology - AMI Days 1-5 Physics AMI Days 1-5 AP Biology AMI Days 1-5 Biology and Pre AP Biology AMI Days 6-10 Anatomy & Physiology - AMI Days 6-10 Physics AMI Days 6-10 AP Biology AMI Days 6-10 Ashley Parrish Drama/Theatre Days 1-5 English Days 1-5 Speech Days 1-5 English 9 Days 6-10 Speech Days 6-10 Theatre Days 6-10 Jamie Rodgers AMI Days 1-5 Jamie Rodgers AMI Days 6-10 Susi Vangilder AMI Days 1-5 AMI Days 6-10 Adrian Watts AMI Days 1-5 AMI Watts Days 6-10 Sandra Wilhite Transitional Literature Days 5-1 8th Hour Critical Reading Days 5-1 AP Literature and Composition Days 5-1 Jounalism Days 1-5 7th Hour Academic Reading Days 1-5 Jounalism 4th Hour Days 6-10 Academic Reading Days 6-10 Senior English and AP Lit 1st, 5th, and 6th Hours Days 6-10 Adam Willis Physical Science Days 1-5 Chemistry Days 1-5 Environmental Science Days 1-5 Physical Science Days 6-10 Environmental Science Days 6-10 Chemistry Days 6-10

Our Mission

Cotter Public Schools will provide all students with the skills necessary to succeed in a diverse, changing, global society.  Opportunities for developing skills in technology, critical thinking, and communication will be available at all grade levels. 
COVID-19 Point of Contact Number 870-435-6671.  Click HERE for additional information.
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